Wednesday, 26 October 2011 sunrise

Back again!
The sun is just coming up. For some reason I felt like getting up early. It was well worth the effort. Seeing the sun peeking over the horizon, birds just starting their morning song. What could be better?
Peter and Edmund have been spending a lot of time down at the beach or in the stable with their chargers. Peter’s horse is a magnificent animal.  His name is Anqus, which means unique strength. It suits him perfectly. He is the largest horse in the stables, not to mention the strongest. But you probably guessed that.  No one but Peter can ride him (When Peter isn’t hobbling around with a bad ankle that is). Peter found him with a brutal man on his back.  Peter bought Anqus and tamed him.  Anqus goes as wild as a lion if any of the grooms try to ride him, rearing and bucking. I suppose that he’s afraid that they’ll start beating him.   I prefer my mare “Allene” which means peaceful one.  

Reports came in yesterday with news of remnants of the terrible White Witch’s army running about. I hate the thought of those horrible creatures, trolls, ogres, hags and the like. It’s enough to make my blood run cold.  I can hear my siblings getting up. They’ll be getting ready to set out on the search party. I’ll join them in a minute.  I’ll be needing all of my gifts from Father Christmas. My horn in particular. I take it nearly every where. Oops, Edmund is telling me to hurry up. I’m coming bossy boots!
More later.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

..a telmarine messenger

We had a Telmarine messenger come today. He was dark (but not like the Calormenes, a different sort of dark) and had the most curious accent. He was quite tall with a beard, he was polite, but I didn't really like him. We are not exactly on friendly terms with the Telmarines, but we are not enemys. Peter joked saying "Maybe we should marry Susan to one of those Telmarine chaps and make an alliance" Ha ha! I don't think so! But he was just kidding. He would never want me to marry for anything but love. And I would NEVER ever fall for a Telmarine, the are so odd, and crule.
I can't think of anything worse, oh sorry, I can. A Calormene!
Lucy has gotten very fond of painting. She sits at the window sketching. I have tried, but I can't seem to do it. Edmund is revelling in the fact that he is thirteen. And has decided he is now offically "grown up". I'm fifteen and I don't feel half grown up. Well I do sometimes but other times I still feel like a child.
I really must go,

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Thursday, 13 October 2011

...happy birthday ed

12 followers! I'm thrilled!
On Monday it was Ed's Birthday. What a wonderful time he had!
I finally decided what to give him. You all know he loves anything sweet...but of course he doesn't like turkish delight anymore. I decided to give him fudge. He simply adores fudge, and would eat bucketloads of it. They had never heard it here in Narnia, so I had to look hard for the ingredients.
I gave him one (very) large box, which him gobbled up in a few hours!
That night we had a huge party for him. The fawns had decorated the palace garden with lanterns and flowers. It took my breath away, truly magical! We all danced well into the night.
Pete's ankle is healed, but he wasn't quite able to dance. My poor little toes were quite glad!
Well I must go.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

..peter the pitifull

Thankyou all for the comments! Thankyou the people who spread the word about my blog. Especially Rebekah Brielle and Hannah. And anyone else who has mentioned my blog somewhere, Thankyou too and please tell me if you do.
I was also ammused by your wishes of sympathy for Peter. I passed them on to him. He said "Hmm, well at least there are some people with a little compassion out there!"
His ankle isn't really getting better. Lucy says if the swelling doesn't go down by next week she will use her cordial. But he is going on and on about it. "Ohh the pain!! Get me some lemonade will you Susan" Yeah right! We give him all the sympathy he deserves. But we are nice to him (when its possible). I will admit it is rather horrid to be bed ridden. But his moaning gets so tiresome. As Charlotte said he is being a big baby about it. But he is my brother, and I love him.
Your Queen

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Sunday, 2 October 2011 second post

Thank you so much for all the feedback! Six followers, I'm thrilled. Please spread the word!
Things have been very busy. Preparing for Ed's birthday-for which I still have not decided on a present. Please, if you have any idea's? What do you give to someone who has everything!
The days have been gorgeously warm. Between royal duties we spend most of our time swimming and riding. Me, mostly swimming. Splashing about in the emerald waves is pure bliss. It fills me with such a happy contentment. That I can't put down in words.
Pete sprained his ankle yesterday, him and Ed were climbing (being stupid). Peter fell out of the tree, and went ka-plonk on the ground. Its not very bad. But he looks very pitiful lying on the couch, strategically moaning whenever someone enters the room.
We are not going to give him some of the cordial.
And he isn't getting much sympathy. Yes, I know I'm the gentle queen. But really!
Better go now.
Your Queen

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